Saturday, June 6, 2009


Concert promoter/ticketer Live Nation claims to be "Artist Driven/Fan Powered." Let me share my experience with you guys. When tickets for the NINJA '09 tour (Jane's Addiction/Nine Inch Nails/Street Sweeper Social Club) went on sale March 20 at 9 am ET, I got through immeadiately and got tickets. Literally: it even says it on my tickets: "ordered on 03/20/09 at 0900." My tickets are in row M, section 403 (in the chart, that's the middle yellow section, right in front of the lawn). That seemed a bit weird to me, but whatever. Tickets were $59 each, plus each had a "ticket fee" of $12.50, and each had a parking fee of $6 - although I am going with my wife and we are taking the same car. Whatever: I've had great tickets before, and the luck of the draw is, sometimes you don't get great tickets.

Today I go on the Live Nation site just to see what is still available, and there are 70+ tickets in the 100s (the red section) and the 300s (the blue section) - all for $59! So, I actually considered buying two more tickets for a show I already had tickets for - this is a pretty awesome show, maybe I'd be able to sell mine at a small loss. But then they tack on two more ticket fees and two more parking fees. It was just too much. So, we'll deal with our tickets, the show will be great (look for my review tomorrow), but really, this is so lame. Fan powered? I beg to differ. I am sending them an email, which I doubt will be seen today (as it is a weekend) or maybe ever (as I am doubtful that companies like this really care about fans once they pocket thier money). It's ironic that this would happen at a Nine Inch Nails show - Trent Reznor goes way out of his way to make sure that his fans are treated fairly.

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