Monday, June 1, 2009


The Beastie Boys have just reissued Check Your Head, and select vinyl copies came with a 7" with some new songs (one, I think, is called "Lee Majors Come Again"). And they just went on Jimmy Fallon's show to perform "So Whatca Want" backed by The Roots, and to announce that their new album, Hot Sauce Committee, will be out in the fall. 

I have the reissue of Check Your Head on CD, and it's definitely worth the money. Lots of cool remixes, alternate versions and bonus tracks. Some have been made available previously (like when The Beasties allowed fans to create their own "best-of" in '99 or so) but it is definitely a cool collection. I hear they are going to be reissuing Ill Communication next, and then that's it for the reissues.  I bet Def Jam would like to do something with Licensed To Ill, but then again, maybe no one at Def Jam remembers who The Beasties are. (Although, as Mike D said in one of his songs, he's "the one who put the satin in your panties." Or something like that). 

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