Monday, March 16, 2009


The Beastie Boys are in full vault raiding mode.  Just a few weeks after reissuing Paul's Boutique, they've announced plans to reissue the follow-up, 1992's Check Your Head. There's going to be a bunch of different versions, CD, mp3, LP of course, some come with free T-shirts and other stuff. 

This was a classic album and probably saved the band's career. Paul's Boutique is now considered a classic, but at the time it was sort of a commercial flop.  This album, when the band started playing their instruments and re-embraced punk rock and hard rock, put them right on the pulse of the "alternative rock" world. If you haven't listened to it lately, check it out. Later this year, the Beasties will release a new album.  They're not making it easier on themselves though: these reissues serve to remind people just how original and awesome they were.  I still like their recent albums, but they haven't been as groundbreaking as Paul's and Check Your Head

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