Sunday, March 15, 2009


Everyone thought that the awesome Pixies reunion from a few years ago was a one-off, and Kim Deal even said that she was glad to do it, but didn't really want to do it again. Well, they're playing England's Isle of Wight festival with more dates to be announced, according to their MySpace page. I got to see them twice on that tour (I'd never seen them before) and they were awesome. I think that it's probably a good idea that they don't do a new album, but some touring here and there, that's pretty cool.

Also while at thier MySpace page, I saw that Frank Black's new group Grand Duchy (with his wife Violet Clark) have recorded a cover of The Cure's "Strange Day" on Just Like Heaven, a new Cure tribute album. I remember The Pixies (and Love & Rockets) opened for The Cure at Giants Stadium back in the day. How did I miss that show?

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