Tuesday, March 10, 2009


Phish recently played their first few reunion shows. I think it's great that they've gotten back together, and as usual, they've done right by the fans: they are offering free high quality downloads of the shows at their LivePhish website. So, at least if you weren't there, you can hear what it was like. Of course, with any band (notably Phish, I guess) being at the show is different than just hearing it, but still it's a cool move by the band.

I'm not a huge fan, although I've had some cool experiences interviewing Trey Anastasio (and I'm a big fan of his other band, Oysterhead, featuring Les Claypool of Primus and Stewart Copeland of The Police). But it's great to see a band that always wrote their own rules make such a triumphant comeback, and do it without any help from the traditional music industry.

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