Tuesday, March 10, 2009


Check out this post from Bob Lefsetz's blog about the concert ticket "secondary market" (i.e. scalping companies). He basically says that when tickets go on sale on TicketsNow (Ticketmaster's scalping site) as soon as a concert goes on sale, it is mostly "season ticket" holders who are selling the tickets - people literally buy season tickets for venues, so they have the same seats for every event at the venue. But he also says Live Nation (who is trying to merge with TM) acutally pulls tickets from events to sell on the secondary market. And he asks, if the public has access to information about who contributes to a politican, why shouldn't there be accountability in who gets tickets for an event (industry, secondary market, etc).


GregC said...

But if you see this article http://online.wsj.com/article/SB123672740386088613.html, it is clear it is not season ticket holders, but Ticketmaster and Live Nation combined with the artist scalping tickets

Minority said...

I was just commenting on Lefsetz's story, and I personally think that both Live Nation and Ticketmaster, and the artists, who are scalping. Of course this doesn't help you out - you are from a "secondary market" ticket seller.