Tuesday, March 3, 2009


Rumors going around today that a "Woodstock '09" concert will take place this summer, celebrating the 40th anniversary of the original. Lame, and a bad idea. First of all, the festival market is getting way oversaturated. It will end up being a concert of bands on the festival circut. Secondly, the name has been pretty much destroyed.

I won't front: I went to Woodstock '94 and had a blast. Nine Inch Nails were mind-blowing, it was the moment they went from being an underground band to one of the biggest and (arguably) the most influencal band in the world (for a while, at least). I also saw incredible sets by The Violent Femmes, King's X, Metallica, Aerosmith, Primus and great ones by The Allman Brothers Band, Traffic and Bob Dylan (sadly, I missed Green Day). It was a great time, very commerical, and didn't have the free-for-all spirit that I imagine the first one would have. On the other hand, it had bathrooms and food. And the vibe was great - I didn't see any fights, and even though the rain, most people appeared to be having a great time.

At my then-girlfriend (now wife)'s behest, I attended Woodstock '99. We saw some great performances: Metallica, The Red Hot Chili Peppers, Rage Against The Machine, Mike Ness and Willie Nelson. I remember being pretty knocked out by Sevendust, and I thought that Rusted Root was great. But by then, the whole Korn/Limp Bizkit/Kid Rock rap-rock thing was in full effect, it was more about violence than anything else. I saw all the shit go down during the Chili Peppers set, but it was brewing all weekend. The festival looked like a prison camp, they were totally ripping off the captive audience and the bands on the bill just didn't help. I remember during Sheryl Crow's set dudes yelling out "show your tits" and stuff like that. That didn't happen four years earlier, it was just a different vibe, period. I think the festival was an embarassment, and the name should be retired.


Anonymous said...

NIN underground in 99?? Come on...they were huge MTV whores in 95, hell my Mom listened to them in 95. Anyways you are right Woodstock 99 should never have happened, and Woodstock 09 should not happen either

Minority said...

My bad -when I was talking about NIN at Woodstock, that was Woodstock '94. I fixed it. Thanks for commenting though, and here's hoping the Woodstock name is laid to rest.