Tuesday, March 10, 2009


More people should check out Richard Thompson. He's really a great artist. Wonderful singer, amazing songwriter and great guitarist. He's putting out a 4 CD box set, Walking On A Wire, which will cover his entire career. It will be mostly solo stuff, as well as a bit of Fairport Convention, and stuff he recorded as a duo with his then-wife Linda Thompson. Richard Thompson is one of those artists I read about a lot, but you never really hear him on the radio. At some point, I just picked up a 3 CD set, Watching The Dark, and I really dug it. There's also a tribute album, Beat The Retreat, where people like R.E.M., Los Lobos and Bonnie Raitt cover him. I'm not quite a Richard Thompson expert, so I don't know if there's a great single CD best of to start out with if you don't know his music, but the Richard & Linda Thompson albums I Want To See Bright Lights Tonight and Shoot Out The Lights are pretty intense.

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