Saturday, March 7, 2009


Unfortunately I was sick yesterday and missed work, but I did get to watch all of U2's televised performance on Good Morning America, which was broadcast live from Fordham University. Including the songs that they did that weren't broadcast, they did six songs. Four were from their very solid new album No Line On The Horizon, and the "old" ones were "Vertigo" from 2004's How To Dismantle An Atomic Bomb and "Beautiful Day" from 2001's All That You Can't Leave Behind. To me, those songs seem fairly recent, but to the college students in attendence... well if you are a senior college, All That You Can't Leave Behind came out when you were a freshman in high school! It seems like there's less buzz for this album than for thier previous albums. That could be because people are tired of Bono - or because "Get On Your Boots," the first single, hasn't had the impact that "Vertigo" and "Beautiful Day" did. But I would say: give the album a few listens, it's worth your while. "Magnificent" is classic.

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