Wednesday, March 25, 2009


As James Hetfield alluded to earlier this year, Metallica will in fact jam with former bass player Jason Newstead when they are inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame (according to Blabbermouth), even though his likeness isn't included in thier Guitar Hero game. That's cool: he's being inducted as a former member (as is the late Cliff Burton, of course) and should be included. I wonder if Robert Trujilio is being inducted? He has only played on one album, their latest, Death Magnetic. But that album has, for sure, proved their relevance, and I doubt the guys would show up if he wasn't going to be included. (The Rolling Stones threatened not to show up when the Rock Hall said that Brian Jones and Mick Taylor, but not Ronnie Wood, would be inducted, so the Hall relented, and rightfully so).

But it's gonna be awkward I bet: I can't imagine anyone fitting in as well as Trujilio has, and I doubt that the other guys want Jason back. But if you've seen Some Kind Of Monster, you can tell that when he quit, he kind of wanted the guys to ask him back, but they never did.

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