Tuesday, March 3, 2009


It's been just about a month since Ticketmaster had to write an open letter of apology to Bruce Springsteen, his management and his fans for their scalping site selling Bruce tickets for his NJ shows mere seconds after they went on sale, for hundreds and sometimes over a thousand dollars. You would think that they'd try and be more subtle over the very obvious fact that they not only create a haven for scalpers, but that they hold some of the best seats and sell them for way more than the cover price. But they've posted No Doubt tickets for their hometown of Irvine, California on sale even before the pre-sale to fan club members starts! They've since replaced the tickets with a message saying that No Doubt tickets are "currently unavailable." But come on, like the same tickets aren't going to pop up in a few days for insanely jacked up prices. I hope someone on Capitol Hill is watching.

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GregC said...

Tickets are still being listed for shows by "fans" before the on sale, must be very hard to regulate