Saturday, November 14, 2009


I was pretty excited earlier this week when I posted about Steven Tyler joining Joe Perry onstage at the Joe Perry Project's NYC show. Steven claimed that he wasn't leaving Aerosmith, making lots of people happy. In a recent interview with Rolling Stone, though, Joe says that he didn't know Tyler was showing up, didn't really get to talk to him much, and Tyler left right afterwards. Watching the video, it comes off like Tyler is the abusive ex-, not being respectful to Joe or his band, and referring to himself as "the motherfucking rainbow," whatever that means. Joe says that the band's troubles are far from over. I do think most of the blame for this falls on Tyler, as he seems to be acting erratically. But if he wants to take two years off from the band, but not quit, the other members should respect that. On the other hand, they're all pushing 60, I can see where they wouldn't want to wait two more years to start working again. It's been eight years since their last album of new material. But no matter what, I don't think Aerosmith should try to replace Steven Tyler.

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