Thursday, November 5, 2009


I am a huge Aerosmith fan. I'll try not to get too emotional or crazy about this. I've written about how things aren't great in Aerosmith lately. Steven Tyler has his own manager, and is talking about a solo album. Joe Perry is on a solo tour for his new solo album. But England's Classic Rock magazine has some ridiculous news. Aerosmith just did a show in Abu Dhai, and before the show Tyler told Classic Rock that, after that concert was over, he's going to start to work on his own "brand." Aerosmith guitarist (the one that isn't Joe Perry, he's great as well though), Brad Whitford told the magazine that in a few weeks, the other four members of Aerosmith would be getting together to decide on their next move, which would possibly be without Tyler. One word: No. I'll repeat it: No. Break up the band, fine. Hiatus, even better. Don't get a new singer. And don't get the guy who sounds like Tyler who is singing in Joe Perry's solo band. None of you guys would go to see The Stones without Mick. Think about it.

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