Monday, November 9, 2009


Everybody wants something! Last week, I begged the other four guys from Aerosmith not to continue on under that name if Steven Tyler leaves the band. In a somewhat more important matter, earlier tonight I implored our President (who I have the highest opinion of, his very existance makes me proud to be an American) not to tolerate the ridiculously skewed and potentially-internet-destroying ACTA.

But sometimes, things work better when there's a large group behind the effort (although there are already large groups protesting ACTA, of course). So I wonder if this will work: a group of AC/DC fans, at the fansite AC/DC Fans, are pleading with the band: please change your set list! Apparently, it's been the exact same songs, in the same order, every single night! I wanted to see them this summer, but I was in Costa Rica when they played Giants Stadium. I am a huge fan of the band: it was one of the honors of my life to be invited to write the liner notes for their Fly On The Wall album. But I generally only see them once per tour, I can see how this could be disappointing for people who go to several shows. I wonder how this will play out. I hope it works.

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