Monday, November 30, 2009


When I was a kid, there were a few sources that I used to learn about metal. (1) Cooler looking older metal kids (2) the radio show "Metal Shop" and (3) MTV's Headbanger's Ball. When MTV ditched the Ball, I don't think anyone thought it was a good idea. They replaced a true metal show with a show hosted by a chick whose main claim to fame was (I think) that she was nanny to Courtney Love's daughter Frances Bean. Even the MTV people realized that they messed up! The Ball was an institution. It's been back on MTV2 for a few years, and lately, it's hosted by a good friend, Jose Mangin. No, I'm not trying to name drop here - yes, I know Lynn Hoffman from A&E's Private Sessions, and Eddie Trunk from VH1's That Metal Show. But these are cool shows if you are a music fan! And I don't have the channels that Elvis Costello's show airs on, and I don't get the channel that Henry Rollins' show airs on either. I've been meaning to check both of them out. Back to Jose, I know him from SIRIUS|XM, he has been the guy behind Liquid Metal, and before that, Hard Attack, and I've never met someone with the enthusiasm for music that Jose has for metal. He loves all kinds, from Cannibal Corpse to Poison to KoRn, he loves all of it. I'm not always down with his tastes, but like with Eddie Trunk, I appreciate his true passion for the music. I'm not sure what his schedule is on MTV2, but if you love metal, you should check it out.

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