Monday, November 30, 2009


Times are tough and money's tight, that's why it was cool of Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers to offer their new box set The Live Anthology in two formats: $20 for four CDs, or $100 for a deluxe five CD, two DVD, one LP set. I was going to go cheap. Then, last week, I listened to the latest episode of Tom's SIRIUSXM show Buried Treasure (hear it on Deep Tracks). He usually doesn't play his own music. But this time, he played all stuff from the box set. It got me so into it that I parted with a c-note for the deluxe version. Totally worth it. Tom is the coolest. There's a big interview with him in the new Rolling Stone (some kid from Twilight is on the cover) and there's outtakes from the interview here. As I mentioned last week on my weekly radio appearance on OutQ, it's a great gift. For someone else. Or yourself!

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