Tuesday, November 10, 2009


According to Playbill (not a source I often quote), Green Day's American Idiot is coming to Broadway. The show was originally staged in Berkley, California, by Tony winning director Michael Mayer. It was supposed to only be in September, but due to popular demand, it was extended through November!

So, to those of you who think I am hating on Broadway because I've been complaining about Bono and The Edge's involvement in the ill-fated Spider-Man musicial... well, I'm not anti-Broadway (not that I go very often!). I just think that the idea of a Spider-Man musical is a "naff" idea as the Brits say (i.e. silly, corny). And U2's Larry Mullen agrees - Bono wanted to have U2 record the album of Spider-Man songs that he and Edge wrote, and Larry, thankfully, said "Over my dead body" or something like that.

Back to Green Day, they've just released an iTunes exclusive 6 track live EP, Last Night On Earth: Live In Tokyo. They sound like superheroes on the album, and I mean that (in this case) as a compliment.

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Leroy Grey said...

My Chemical Romance's Black Parade album would be a better fit for the Broadway stage, but... whatever. Look what Rock of Ages hath wrot...