Saturday, November 14, 2009


I don't normally cite Sports Illustrated here, but their website is claiming that The Who will be playing the next Super Bowl. For some reason, I had a feeling they would get the gig. The Super Bowl likes big name heroic-ish artists whose sound can fill a stadium. The Who is a great choice. Roger Daltrey should be ready to rock from his current "Use It Or Lose It" solo tour, and The Who is supposedly touring for a new album next year, so this will be a great way to get people excited about it (I've also heard rumors that The Who may be getting their own Rock Band or Guitar Hero game). Of course haters will complain that the guys in The Who are too old, whatever. I haven't seen them since 2002, and they were great then. They're also great in short bursts, as evidenced by their historic performance at The Concert For New York City after 9/11. Still, I'm sure there's people who'd like to see, like, Pavement or someone like that playing the Super Bowl, but I just don't think that would really work.

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