Thursday, September 11, 2008


It was released on July 20, 2002, but for me, Bruce Springsteen's The Rising is the album that addresses 9/11 more powerfully than any other work of art. "Into The Fire," "Empty Sky," "You're Missing" and "My City Of Ruins" (the latter he debuted at the America: A Tribute To Heroes telethon) are among some of his most moving songs. "The Rising" and "Lonesome Day" are two of his best also: they didn't just help you to mourn and remember, there was a sense of optimism in both that helped remind you that you are still alive, you need to keep on living. This was my favorite album of 2002, and it was one that I was actually grateful for. The shows that Bruce and The E Street Band did on the tour in 2002 and (especially) in 2003 were among the most powerful shows I'd ever seen, and were maybe the most cathartic. 

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