Tuesday, September 16, 2008


There are few living artists who deserve a museum in thier honor while they are alive. B.B. King is one of them. On the occasion of his 83rd birthday, the B.B. King Museum and Delta Interpretive Center opened in his hometown of Indianola, Mississippi.

And this was just a few weeks after he released what may be remembered as one of his greatest albums - really - One Kind Favor.

I love B.B. I've had the privlege of interviewing the man, he's always been really cool. More than that, he just brings such a joy to his music, I love it. I remember watching one of the Martin Scorsese blues documentaries that came out years ago, it had footage of a young B.B. saying he wanted to be the biggest blues artist ever. And he did. There was also a part where he talked about playing the Fillmore West for the first time, and his bus got there, and there was a line around the block - of almost all white folks. He told his bus driver to keep going, this couldn't possibly be the place that booked him. The bus driver drove around and figured that, yes, it was. All those white folks were lined up around the block to see B.B. King. It was pretty moving the way he told it.

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