Thursday, September 18, 2008


Bono and The Edge have written a new song, "Sugar Daddy," for Tom Jones' upcoming album 24 Hours. They're going to play on the song as well. They've done this before: they wrote "One Shot Of Happy, Two Shots Of Sad" for Frank Sinatra (he never recorded it, but Nancy Sinatra did), and they also wrote songs for Tina Turner and Roy Orbison. The album will also have a cover of Bruce Springsteen's "The Hitter" from Devils & Dust

It's easy to write off Tom Jones because he is Vegasy, and I used to do that too, I guess. Later I realized that not everyone has to be "credible." Tom Jones is a good singer (although he goes over the top sometimes, in my opinion) and a pretty hip guy who is passionate about music. I interviewed him and he was really cool; in fact, after the interview I was approached about maybe doing something for a Tom Jones box set (which has still never gotten past the discussion phase): he liked me because I approached him with respect, didn't treat him like kitch. And didn't ask him about ladies' underwear being thrown onto the stage. 

Back to U2: I look forward to hearing this song; this, along with the Under A Blood Red Sky reissue will have to hold me over until their new album, which is coming out next year

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