Sunday, September 21, 2008

TORI AMOS IN 1991 (and 1992)

I just got a copy of the live Tori Amos album, Live At Montreux 1991 & 1992. Wow. In 1991, she hadn't yet released her debut album (I'm not counting her album as "Y Kant Tori Read") and she performed at this festival, just playing piano and singing these incredibly powerful songs. A year later, she returned to Montreux, with her classic debut, Little Earthquakes, under her belt.

Hearing this woman sing these songs so unadorned really is incredible to hear. I know she'd been compared to Kate Bush, but other than some vocal similarities, I just don't hear it. Tori has always been her own woman (or at least she has been since she went solo), she's a complete original. It all starts here. She is as tough and as heavy as any metal dude, and more original than any indie rocker (most of whom get tons more favorable press, mainly because rock critics seem to relate to them more).

I'm glad I discovered Tori fairly early, I got to see her around this time at Town Hall in New York City and it really blew me away. You should check out this live CD, the DVD, or both.

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