Sunday, September 21, 2008


Josh Hisle isn't a household name, but if you've seen Neil Young's Crosby Stills Nash & Young documentary film Deja Vu, you know his name. He is the young soldier who went to the middle east to fight for America. His first tour of duty went well. But when he was called back for a second tour of duty, he questioned the war, and especially our government. He is also a musician, and he is shown in Deja Vu singing his own song, "Traitor's Death." There's an interesting interview with him at Glide magazine's website. Check it out.

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MGR said...

You should check out Lost In Holland's new CD "The Last Great Loss," available on I-Tunes. They're also touring quite often these days (cello/guitar formation) - Josh Hisle, Guitar/Voice & Michael G. Ronstadt, Cello/Guitar/Voice