Tuesday, September 16, 2008


This week, I'm going to be talking about the biggest album in the world at the moment: Metallica's Death Magnetic. And if you're calling to dis it (as one guy named Wayne did last week when we weren't even talking about it) you best be prepared to scrap! I hate saying "it's their best album since..." it is their best album since at least the black album, if not ...and Justice For All.

We'll also talk about Motorhead's new one, Motorizer. A very consistent and underrated group. Maybe the documentary Lemmy will change that.

Also, AC/DC's new album, Black Ice. Actually, I've only heard one song, "Rock and Roll Train," but it's pretty great. AC/DC have a limited time SIRIUS/XM channel, AC/DC Radio.

And if we get to it, we'll hit the Black Sabbath debate: who is the better singer, Ozzy Osbourne or Ronnie James Dio?

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