Wednesday, September 24, 2008


(I got this photo, as I often do, from Backstreets.)

Bruce Springsteen turned 59 yesterday. Normally, I don't do the "Happy Birthday ___!" thing for artists, I'd rather just talk about their music. But with Bruce it really is pretty extraordinary: at 58 he released one of his best albums, and went on an incredible tour... one that saw him changing up the set nightly and playing 3 hour + shows.

And in the next year, there's talk of a new album with The E Street Band (some stuff that they didn't finish during the making of Magic, and other stuff they recorded on tour), another tour with the band, and a Darkness On The Edge Of Town box set. Plus, he's said he's working on another solo album, and he has a solo acoustic track coming out for the film The Wrestler. We should all retain our creativity and vitality so much at that age. I look forward to seeing many more shows with The E Street Band, The Seeger Sessions Band and his solo gigs. So don't worry Bruce, 60 is the new 30.

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