Wednesday, October 14, 2009


I know I was pretty cynical when I heard that KISS was recording a new album. (A) Hard rock bands have a hard time making material that compares to their earlier stuff - KISS have been around for 35 years. (B) I just didn't think that Gene Simmons would be that into it: he doesn't like to dedicate himself to niche projects, and even he has admitted that he's not sure where a KISS album fits into "today's market." And (C) KISS fans don't really want to hear new music at concerts, which is where KISS make more of their money than they'll ever make on an album. Still...

Mark Strigl from the show Talking Metal also had reservations, and his latest blog post about the album is titled "I Was Wrong." Me too! It's a really fun album. It is the first time in decades where they don't sound like they are appropriating whatever is "in" at the moment (disco, prog-rock, hair metal, grunge). It sounds like they are influenced by their glory days, and the music (including power pop) that they loved before they even started the group.

I've mentioned before that it's weird that rock critics that are quick to criticize just about everything about KISS fall over themselves praising Jay-Z, despite his commercial tendencies, his insatiable love of wealth and some borderline misogny in his lyrics - things that KISS never get a pass for. Maybe it is because they like his music so much. Well, KISS may not get a pass when their music isn't happening, but this is a fun record, so I ain't mad that I had to go to Walmart (my first time in a Walmart, ever - I ordered AC/DC's Black Ice online) to get it.

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