Wednesday, October 14, 2009


One of the reasons why I started No Expiration was, I was reading a blog that was doing a year-end review of 2006 and mentioned The Raconteurs' debut album, Broken Boy Soldiers. The post mentioned how most of the blogs went crazy about the lead single, "Steady As She Goes," but by the time the album came out, no one cared anymore. I found that fascinating. Everyone agreed that the first song was amazing. Why, then, didn't people care about the album when it came out? Because they were tired of talking about it. It wasn't about the music, it was more about talking about it, having new angles on it, and being first to talk about stuff. Anyone who reads No Expiration knows that I've always been cynical of the indie-culture (not in the literal sense - anyone who can make music outside of the major labels gets credit from me, at least in theory) and this was just a reminder that I can't be bothered with it.

Obviously I love to talk (and write) about music, but it's really more about listening to music, and enjoying it, than one-upping everyone else.

So, I was bummed, but not surprised, to read an article in The Washington Post about Wavves, an indie rock band who have been around for almost a year, were everyone's next favorite band, and now everyone hates them. Or something like that. I was glad to leave high school behind, but the scene described in the article is so high school. I've heard Wavves and wasn't really into them, but I feel bad for them. I'm happy to check in on that culture once in a while, but I'm glad to not be a part of it.

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