Sunday, October 11, 2009


My (blog's) name is No Expiration, and I'm an addict.

To iTunes.

All right, that admission won't get me a reality show, no health insurance company is going to pay my rehab bills and no one will feel sorry for me. But, damn, it's hard for me to go without it!

The details aren't interesting - and OF COURSE I backed up my 140 GB (and counting) music collection (it contains over 36,000 items, and would take 104 days to listen to it start to finish) on an external hard drive, and worse comes to worse, it's all on my iPod.

But still. I haven't been able to buy stuff in the iTunes store and I haven't been able to load new music to my iPod. It has called to my attention how much of the music I listen to is on my iPod. So, I haven't been able to really give time to new albums by Noisettes, Miranda Lambert, David Gray, Living Colour, Alice In Chains, KRS-One & Buckshot, Arctic Monkeys, The Black Crowes and Porcupine Tree, or archival releases from George Jones, The Jackson 5, Smokey Robinson & The Miracles, The Beastie Boys, The Supersuckers, The Drive-By Truckers, Big Pun and The Stone Roses.

With the help of an expert, I have been able to reinstall iTunes, but I still can't access about half of my collection - some of it was on my C drive, and some on my D drive and the rest isn't interesting, and I'm assured this isn't really a big problem. But damn, I can't wait to update my iPod. I'm getting anxiety worring about how to prepare my "Best of 2009" and my "Best of the '00s" lists! Not that anyone is asking me for them.

I am definitely still a believer in vinyl being the best format for music (other than, arguably, seeing an artist live), but I am also a huge fan of digital music and the iPod. I wouldn't want to live without it, and I hope not to anymore.

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