Tuesday, October 6, 2009


Last week on OutQ, I mentioned we'd be giving it
up to the ladies this week, and I'll come through on that promise. We'll be talking about Madonna's new song from her greatest hits album Celebration (Larry Flick actually wrote the liner notes to this collection). Also, Miranda Lambert's new album Revolution. Miranda is probably my favorite mainstream country artist in recent years. And, Noisettes, a British soul group, who get played on both SIRIUSXM's adult contemporary channel The Pulse and also The Underground Garage. They have the old Spector-esque girl group vibe going. I dig them. Here, check out their recent performance of "Never Forget You" from the SIRIUSXM studios.


Freakydeak said...

In these days of autotune and "created" groups, I love to see today's new groups who actually SING!!! What a concept :)

Minority said...

Thanks for reading Freakydeak, and I fully agree. Although Madonna uses autotune sometimes, but she does it in a pretty cool way .