Thursday, June 12, 2008


Just days after the announcement that Wolfgang's Vault struck a deal to sell live recordings by Universal Music artists, EMI and the BBC announced a similar deal

There are no details announced yet, but this gist of it is that live TV and radio performances by Pink Floyd, Paul McCartney and David Bowie (to name a few) will be made available as digital downloads, CDs and DVDs. I just hope The Beeb makes similar deals with other labels (and ditto for Wolfgang's Vault). 

I think this is a great deal. Fans of classic artists tend to have all of the legit recordings by them, and look for bootlegs, which often have inferior sound. And catalog departments of record labels have probably re-released just about everything twice. So this is a good way to give fans material by their favorite bands - and often it may be material that they are more than willing to pay for. I know I'll be buying a bunch of Beeb recordings when they go on sale. 

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