Monday, June 9, 2008


The Foo Fighters just played  England's Wembley Stadium, and were joined by Jimmy Page and John Paul Jones for two Led Zeppelin songs. Drummer Taylor Hawkins sang while Dave Grohl played drums on "Rock And Roll," and then Taylor got behind the kit and Dave got back out front for "Ramble On." While neither of them approaches the awsomeness of Robert Plant, it must have been pretty cool to see. Apparently Page said backstage that Zeppelin may rise again after Robert's current tour ends. We'll see. 

Meanwhile, apparently Dave performed at a concert in Liverpool with Paul McCartney recently. And later this summer, the Foos may jam with The Who at the VH1 Rock Honors

But what's cool about Dave Grohl is, he's probably just as psyched to jam with Lemmy or H.R. from Bad Brains. He's about the music, not about the fame. 

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