Wednesday, June 18, 2008


It's a bummer that Stevie Wonder is playing a local venue tonight (Jones Beach) and I'm not there. He really is one of the greats, and he's still doing it. I saw him 13 years ago at Radio City Music Hall, and it was just awesome. Back when I worked for Video Hits 1, I got a lot of free tickets, but I suspect even if I was still there, tickets would be hard to come by. Record labels aren't buying tickets for industry people anymore, which probably makes sense. 

Last year, I wrote about Stevie when I missed his Madison Square Garden show. Next time he comes to the area, I'm not going to miss him. Meanwhile tonight, one of his disciples, Alicia Keys, headlined MSG. I've never seen her in concert, but I'd love to. Of course, she will probably play MSG many more times in her career. You just can't go to every show. Tomorrow night, I'm going to see R.E.M. at MSG. The Cure play MSG and Radio City this week, but I'm not going. Next week, though, we're going to see Pearl Jam twice at MSG.  You've got to pace yourself! Although, next month, I'm doing something I'm calling "Seven Nights To Rock" - going to concerts seven nights in a row. I'll write more about that soon. 

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