Sunday, June 8, 2008


As I've mentioned before, I'm not a huge Neil Diamond fan, but I do respect what he does. His music means a lot to my parents, Rick Rubin, and my good friend Ben. I was glad to see that he had a #1 album a few weeks back. I bought the album, Home Before Dark, and we listened to it at dinner, and it sounded pretty good. 

But his quote in the new issue of Blender (not a magazine that I read too often, but I like some of their articles) made me like him a bit more. In the "Dear Superstar" feature (where fans get to email questions in, they copied it from the British magazine Q, and I'm sure the editorial staff plants some questions that they want answered), someone asked his definition of "cheesy."  His answer:

"Something flimsy. Faux. Fake. I wouldn't consider myself cheesy, if that's what you're getting at. But given a choice, I'd much rather be cheesy than 'hip.' I think hipness is for poseurs. It's presenting a superficial facade that I don't really care for. I always try to be as open and as honest and as real as I can be." 

I guess that's the magic ingredient, the secret sauce for artists with longevity (or at least most of them). Some guys are fortunate to always be considered hip, but hell, even Bowie did Never Let Me Down, not to mention that movie with the fraggles or whatever that was. Labyrinth

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Benjamin said...

I dunno' if it's the secret sauce for longevity, or sales, but I'll bet he sleeps better than, say, Britney or Beyonce.