Tuesday, March 18, 2008


It's probably no surprise that I'm a big fan of record stores. Yes, I love the iTunes store, and I frequently use Amazon.com. But nothing takes the place of a cool record store, and sadly, there are not many left. April 19 is Record Store Day, though, so support your local (or not local) indie retailer.  As for me, I don't actually live near any indie record stores, sadly. But I recently started buying full CDs from Newbury Comics, one of the few record stores who are currently thriving.  

Lots of record stores are planning in-store performances, meet-and-greets and big sales for that day. Amazingly, the mighty Metallica is going to be performing at Rasputin Music in Mountain View, California. 

In other "record" news, apparently at a panel at the South By Southwest convention, there was a discussion on vinyl making a comeback. In fact, someone from Sony was talking about re-issuing the label's catalog on vinyl.  That's hard to imagine. I think vinyl still is the best sounding format. But I think in this mp3 dominated world, people don't care as much about fidelity as they do about having thousands of tracks at their fingertips.  But good luck to them: if they want this to have any effect, though, they can't charge ridiculous prices.  

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