Monday, March 24, 2008


Quote of the year so far comes from Dolly Parton: "Now the major (labels) are what they used to think I was: history." 

She was interviewed about her new album, Backwoods Barbie, which she just released on her own Dolly Records label, and which debuted at #2 on the charts, her best showing in a long time. Not that having a #2 record is what it used to be, but more to the point, Dolly probably makes a lot more money off of this record than off of her prior ones, even the ones released on indie labels. 

There's a few reasons why people often don't take Dolly Parton seriously: the big hair/big boobs thing being one. Her theme park Dollywood being another. Her persona just isn't one that you would associate with a serious artiste. 

But, to me, it looks like she knew what she was doing all along: with all of her money, she can make any kind of album that she wants to, without a record label telling her what to do, or telling her that her time is up.  I think her time is up when she says it is. 

It's like Madonna in a way: if she hadn't branched out into acting, her record label, and other stuff like that, her entire career would have been dictated by a record label. Diversifying allowed her to call her own shots.  Same with Dolly.

And say what you want about Dollywood, "9 To 5" or The Best Little Whorehouse In Texas, the woman still wrote "Jolene" and "Coat Of Many Colors" and you didn't. 

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