Sunday, March 23, 2008


I saw The Gutter Twins earlier this week, it was pretty great. It reminded me of the old Marvel Two-In-One comics, where The Thing teamed up with someone else each month, or DC's Brave & Bold (Batman teamups). It was like having Marvel's Wolverine and DC's Spectre. Or to make a more musical comparison, if a guitar playing Otis Redding was in a band with Jim Morrison. 

Their debut album, Saturnalia, is pretty cool. It's very cinematic, and it came off pretty well live. They also did some stuff from their respective back catalogs, but nothing from The Afghan Whigs, unfortunately. They did I think one Screaming Trees song, but a bunch of Mark Lanegan's solo songs, including one of my favorites by him, "Hit The City" (originally a duet with PJ Harvey). 

If you're a fan of either artist, I recommend the album and I recommend seeing them live. I know Lanegan has a new album coming out with Isobell Campbell (from Belle & Sebastian, they've done an EP together). I'm looking forward to that, but I hope The Gutter Twins do another album. 

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