Tuesday, March 4, 2008


According to England's Sunday Mirror, Robert Plant has decided against doing a Led Zeppelin tour, turning down a deal that could be worth serious money (100 million British pounds). He wanted the reunion concert from last year to be the band's final statement, and right now, he's committed to touring with Alison Krauss.

Whether or not you like his decision, you gotta respect the guy, for turning down the bucks to do what he wants to do.

Of course, there's nothing to say he can't change his mind after the tour with Alison, and he doesn't want a Zeppelin reunion to overshadow what he's doing now.

Personally, I'm excited to see him with Alison Krauss (I have tickets for the NYC show) and, yes, I'd pay to see Zeppelin, but I'm kind of more interested in seeing him doing the Krauss thing. Not out of any contrarianism, it just seems like he'd be better at age 59 doing the Raising Sand thing.

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