Tuesday, March 11, 2008


Black Eyed Peas' leader will.i.am has a "hit" youtube video with his pro-Barack Obama clip "Yes We Can." But now Q-Tip may actually get the hopeful future prez to contribute to his upcoming album.
Well, according to something called "page six" in the New York Post (no, I'm not linking) anway. Not the most accurate source for any information.
I know having rock stars, hip-hop stars, or other celebs endorsing candidates in public forums really bothers some people, but tough nails, I say. "How are they qualified to talk about politics?" they'll ask. I just say, our current president isn't really qualified to talk about politics either. They pay taxes, and even if they're not American, everyone is affected by the outcome of our elections.
So, here's hoping for another "Vote For Change" type event this year. I'm glad to hear that Tom Morello of System Of A Down's Serj Tankian are doing an Axis Of Justice tour this year.

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