Wednesday, March 26, 2008


I've already written about Al Green's upcoming album, which was produced by ?uestlove of The Roots. Now the album has a date: it's called Lay It Down, and it's due on May 27, according to Billboard. I actually liked Al's last two albums, both of which were produced by Willie Mitchell, who produced his classic '70s stuff. But I think ?uestlove will be able to update his sound a bit, without being pandering about it.

Meanwhile, The Roots' own album, Rising Down, comes out on April 29. Here's hoping that they can do some shows together. ?uestlove once told me that he studied Phish, and would like to see The Roots become the Phish of hip-hop. Meaning a band that doesn't need to cater to a scene, can tour regardless of whether or not they have radio hits, etc. I think they're on their way. But I can also see ?uestlove as a Rick Rubin-esque great producer in the future as well.

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