Monday, March 24, 2008


Mike Ness is going on a solo tour. You can get the dates on his myspace page. I was wondering for a while if he was going to do solo stuff any more. Since the death of Social Distortion guitarist Dennis Danell in 2000, it has pretty much seemed like Social D. is more Mike Ness' band than ever. In fact, the guy who played drums in his solo band, Charlie Quintana, now plays in Social D. 

But Mike Ness doesn't play his solo stuff, which is more country oriented, during Social D. shows. His two albums, Cheating At Solitaire and Under The Influences (both released in 1999) are these sort of forgotten gems. I'm looking forward to seeing him revisit those songs (many of which were covers, but Ness kind of owns a song once he sings it).  But I'm also looking forward to the next Social D. album, which is supposed to come out this year. Their last album, Sex, Love and Rock & Roll, from 2004, was pretty great and yielded at least one classic, "Reach For The Sky." 

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