Thursday, April 16, 2009


I'd heard rumors that Bob Dylan had co-written the lyrics to his upcoming album, Together Through Life with Grateful Dead wordsmith Robert Hunter, and it turns out: it's true. (They've written songs before, the co-wrote "Silvio.") The great Dylan blog Isis not only confirmed that fact, they also have the credits on the album: Mike Campbell of The Heartbreakers plays guitar on the album (he has played on prior Dylan albums and also on the Bob Dylan & The Heartbreakers tour in the '80s). David Hildago of Los Lobos plays accordion and guitar, and Tony Garnier from Dylan's touring band plays bass. Dylan wrote all the music, except on one song, "My Wife's Hometown," which is credited to Dylan and Willie Dixon. I'm glad he gave Willie the credit: Led Zeppelin failed to credit him on "Whole Lotta Love," and tons of people have ripped him off. And Dylan took songwriting credit for "Someday Baby" from his last album Modern Times when it was clearly derivative of the blues classic "Trouble No More." Around that time, Suzanne Vega wrote a piece for the New York Times about Bob's "borrowing." Anyway, what I've heard of the album so far has been great, I can't wait to hear the whole thing. 

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