Tuesday, April 7, 2009


On September 9 - or 09/09/09 - The Beatles will not only be releasing their Guitar Hero game, but also their entire catalog, remastered. A few years ago, Capitol released two box sets, each with 4 CDs of the American versions of their first four albums, with improved sound. But these are the British versions of the albums (the ones that were originally released on CD at the beginning of the CD era) and the remastering of the albums has been a four year project.

This was all announced via a press release, which ended with this line: "Discussions regarding the digital distribution of the catalogue will continue. There is no further information available at this time." I used to think, "Who cares if their music is available on iTunes? Everyone already has it!" But now, post-Across The Universe, I realize that The Beatles have a new audience, and they don't necessarily buy CDs or vinyl.

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