Thursday, April 30, 2009


Fat Wreck Chords is the indie punk label run by Fat Mike of NOFX. NOFX has a new album out this week, Coaster, and it costs $8. Mike posted a note on his web site: " will be priced under $10 in every store in North America. This is not a sale. This is how much this CD costs, and not only that, but EVERY CD on Fat Wreck Chords will now be under $10 and most will be under $8. No, we are not crazy. We just think that having a very low CD price is a fair way for scene supporting music fans to support their favorite independent bands and labels. Sound crazy? I think it sounds reasonable. We make less profit, but bands hopefully will sell more CDs to more people, which is why we started doing this in the first place."

I'm not gonna front like I've been a fan since day one or whatever. I first saw NOFX in maybe '93: they opened for Fishbone and were great and I bought some of their albums. But I really respect this move. Mike is his own boss and he's made a lot of money while NOT gouging his fans. A lesson to be learned there, I think.

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