Tuesday, April 14, 2009


After a week off from The Morning Jolt with Larry Flick on OutQ, I'll be back tomorrow (Wednesday) morning at 9 am ET. Up this week:

Prince's triple album: Lotusflow3r, which is sort of a guitar album, MPLsound, more of a dance thing, and Elixr, the debut by his protege, Bria Valente. Bria is kind of like Sade but not as good. As for the two Prince discs, like most Prince post-Diamonds and Pearls, you have to sort of search through an album to find the gems. It's like that.

Rachel Fuller Presents In The Attic: a 2 CD/1 DVD set you can only get at Best Buy, but it is a bargain at $11.99. As I mentioned, it was recorded at Rachel and boyfriend Pete Townshend's "In The Attic" shows, at small venues during off nights on The Who's tour. It features Pete doing some Who classics solo, Pete dueting with Lou Reed on some Velvet Underground classics, and younger artists like Ben Harper, Rachel Yamagata and Joe Purdy (who I discovered from this set), often backed by Pete.

Bob Mould's new album, Life and Times. I don't always love Bob's stuff lately, but this seems like a cool album. Mould is also writing an autobiography, which should be interesting: Husker Du were on SST during an incredible era, his band Sugar almost got huge, he was a writer for WWE, he's just done some cool stuff.

And finally, Saturday is Record Store Day!

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