Thursday, August 20, 2009


Ever since leaving Husker Du, Bob Mould has been reluctant to spend much time on the band - there was a semi reunion with drummer Grant Hart once. But he doesn't play Husker Du songs in concert (I don't think, at least he never did at any of the shows I've seen) and doesn't like to spend much time talking about it.

So I was surprised to see that he's playing the songs of his former band backed by the band No Age at the All Tomorrow's Parties festival in New York next month. Wow, that should be pretty rocking.


thund3rbox said...

Bob Mould plays PLENTY of Husker Du songs live and has for some time. Check out the Bob Mould "Circle of Friends" DVD.

Minority said...

thanks for the clarification, thund3rbox, I haven't seen Bob perform in a long time. when I interviewed him a few years ago, he didn't seem keen on peforming Husker Du (or even Sugar) songs. I haven't followed him as much as I should have in recent years. now I feel guilty, so I'm going to check out the circle of friends DVD, thanks for the recommendation!