Tuesday, August 25, 2009


Quite a few years ago, I got to interview R.E.M. and I asked them why they never put out a live album. They had put out live tracks as b-sides, but they just didn't seem into the idea. I'm glad they changed their mind: in 2007, they released Live, which was a really good album: it gave some of the post-Bill Berry songs some punch that I felt the studio versions lacked. They've since released live discs with the Murmur and Reckoning reissues. Now, they've announced that they will be releasing Live At The Olympia In Dublin album, recorded in July 2007: at this show they were trying out some songs that would be released on their excellent Accelerate. I think 4 songs are already available on iTunes as the Reckoning Live At The Olympia EP, and they sound great.

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