Thursday, August 20, 2009


For someone who claims to be more interested in the future than the past, David Bowie is as good as anyone at recycling his catalog. He has as many reissues and best of's as any classic rock artist. But I ain't mad. I'm looking forward to the 40th anniversary version of his true debut album (not including stuff he did when he was called "Davey Jones") Space Oddity. This version will be very close to the sound of the original version of the album; it will also include a bunch of previously unreleased bonus tracks. Bowie has also made a bunch of versions of the title track available, and also individual tracks from the album, so fans can create their own remixes.

There's also a expanded reissue of Station To Station in the works, which will include a live concert recording from the era. In other Bowie news, his '80s pop era is getting some props. Quentin Tarantino used "Cat People (Putting Out Fire)" in Inglorius Basterds, and U2's stage designer Willie Williams has acknowledged the influence of Bowie's much-dissed "Glass Spider" tour stage on the current U2 "Claw" on their 360 tour.

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