Monday, August 31, 2009


OK, so that is a bit of a misleading headline. But the Jimi Hendrix catalog, run by Experience Hendrix Records, is moving from Universal Music to Sony Legacy. And speaking of misleading, a couple of months ago, I misreported that Experience Hendrix signed a new deal with Universal: that was actually a publishing deal, not a record deal. Sorry about that. But I do wonder if Experience Hendrix will still release the February 1969 gigs at London's Royal Albert Hall that I wrote about in that same story. That's the main thing I care about - will there be cool stuff that we haven't heard before as part of this deal... and I don't mean studio noodling that was never meant for human consumption, I mean quality recordings of live performances.

The press release announcing the Experience Hendrix/Sony deal says that they'll be releasing expaneded editions of all the Jimi albums, but I wonder what hasn't already been released?

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