Wednesday, August 12, 2009


So, last night I went to see It Might Get Loud. Wow. Before saying anything else, I have to give props to the director, Davis Guggenheim, who also directed An Inconvienent Truth. He really does a great job of taking something that could maybe be a bit dry and making it into a really cool documentary.

It was really cool, and if you are a fan of music (even if you aren't a fan of the three guitarists featured - Jimmy Page, The Edge and Jack White), you'll probably enjoy it. All three of them really loosened up for this, kind of because they were comfortable with Guggenheim but also because it wasn't a straight promo, and because they knew there were two other great guitarists involved, they probably wanted to come off as cool in front of the other two.

There were so many great moments, starting from the very beginning where Jack White builds an electric guitar-type instrument out of some wood, a string and a soda bottle. I learned a lot - I didn't really know how close Jimmy Page came to just doing sessions... I wonder what would have happened had he not joined The Yardbirds. The Edge kind of discussed the influence that the political situation in Ireland had on his playing, Jack talked about the effects of being the youngest of ten siblings. It was just lots of stuff that you don't hear about. And the jam session was pretty great, especially watching Page show them the riff to "Whole Lotta Love." And the three of them learning to play The Band's "The Weight." HIGHLY recommended.

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