Wednesday, August 26, 2009


Norah Jones has just announced that she's releasing a new album in November, and she's working with some new names (and one familiar one). Jacquire King is producing (credits include Tom Waits, Kings Of Leon and Modest Mouse). She also co-wrote songs with Ryan Adams, Okkervil River's Will Sheff, as well as Jesse Harris (who wrote "Don't Know Why").

I look forward to hearing it. It seems like Norah has wanted to add some edge to her music for some time, and maybe this is when she's going for it. I know it is fashionable to dislike Norah, but I'm a big fan. She's as credible as anyone, in my mind. Odds are, she'd be playing in a small bar somewhere, maybe recording for an indie label. Things worked out differently, but I don't think she's changed herself to appeal to the mainstream. I don't think she feels guilty about her success, but I don't think she's going to pander to maintain it.

I remember interviewing her the day that her second album, Feels Like Home, came out. It was the follow up to the zillion selling debut, Come Away With Me, and the pressure on her to follow up that success must have been incredible. Not only was she super cool during the interview, but afterwards, she invited me to her gig that night. Not a Norah Jones gig, but a gig with her band The Little Willies, at some bar in Brooklyn (I think). I think the cover was like $5 or $10. I couldn't believe she was doing that the day her album was coming out, but I guess it was her way of keeping herself grounded. I've always liked her music, and after meeting her, I liked her as a person as well.

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